Here are eight things to look for when selecting yours

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Love is a wonderful thing. To be a happy and successful couple, you need to be close to each other.

But sometimes the two lovers become inseparable like twins.

Here’s a look at some of the effects that can be found on couples who fall in love with each other, even though they think it’s far away.

1. “I” became “we”. Your friends can no longer invite you to a party alone. Because your spouse will always be with you.

You will never see each other again because you are a couple everywhere you go.

2. Gradually, my friendships diminished. In the past, we talked openly with our best friends. One is there when one is needed ်.

The closer you get to your partner, the less likely you are to get along with your friends. The more time you spend looking at each other, the less time you spend with your friends.

3. Hobby the aim, Dreams will disappear. Go to the gym and work out. There are no more MBA degrees to apply for.

What you are doing is trying to be with the person you love. Not because I was discouraged or did not want to do it. Anyway, I want to work with my lover and I don’t want to do anything without my lover.

4. He is always checking where he is going. When one of the two lovers has to move around alone for some reason…

Where is the other person? Is it okay? What is the situation and so on?

What is the other person doing? I check to see if it works. Wherever you go without a lover, you may not want to stay as long as you used to and think of returning early.

5. You will learn to hide your feelings more. When you are very close to each other, in some cases, you have a real heart. I learned to hide my feelings.

I do not want to accept it in my heart, but my lover will not like it. It means accepting things for fear of disappointment. This can be devastating and, in the long run, can ruin a relationship.

6. It will be detached from real life. We all know that love is imaginary. But to love and be happy is not life. When you are thinking only about your lover, the environment is real life.

You may be separated from your family. Relationships are important. But not everything should be for you.

7. Even simple arguments can seem like a big deal. Arguing is not fun in a relationship. But it is inevitable.

People who say they are very close and inseparable love each other and think that even a simple argument can be a big problem. But we have to split. Fear of being left behind….

They hide their arguments by hiding their sincerity with real feelings. Otherwise, there may be a big rift and the relationship may end.

8. “Who am I?” You may not want to admit it, but if you become too close to each other, you may lose your identity.

At this point, I do not do anything I used to do alone. You may be wondering how Fri it has been since you stopped doing it. Your boyfriend might think so too.

Everyone wants to be loved. So, you do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. But we want to be inseparable from each other. Wanting to be in love is not love.

We want to be interdependent. Therefore, we urge you to discuss with each other what can happen together and how to maintain individual identity.


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